ByLwansta’s latest concept album, delves into the introspective journey of Bubs, affectionately known as Bubble Boy, a young adult grappling with his mental health and past traumas. Drawing parallels between his inner struggles and the hidden issues in old cars, the album navigates Bubs’ path towards self-discovery and acceptance. As he confronts his ignored signs, represented by metaphorical symbols like the ‘engineer icon’ and ‘cracks’ in his mental windshield, listeners are urged to reflect on their own overlooked warnings.

The Agency

Empowering Creatives & Brands in the Digital Age.

As a creative agency, our mission is to empower our clients to shine brilliantly in the digital realm. We stand by their side, offering ingenious and strategic solutions that pave the way for impactful release days and a consistent digital presence. Through expert content development, we ensure that their unique voices resonate powerfully with their audiences.

The Label

The Harmonious Symphony of Empathy and Artistry.

We believe that empathy is the soulful driving force behind our creative endeavours. We passionately collaborate with lyricists, singer-songwriters, composers, and producers who dare to explore the uncharted territories of South African music, embracing the allure of a more left-field, alternative, and soulful sound.

The Events

Resonating Analog Experiences

Our events wing becomes the catalyst that transforms digital brilliance into tangible magic. Merging our digital prowess with boundless creativity, we curate unforgettable and multi-sensory experiences. These events, both for our esteemed clients and our internal projects, epitomize the essence of what music and art mean to us – connections that transcend time and space.